Irish Drone Video in 4K


Irish Drone Video and Photography

Modern Marketing

Armedea not only provides drone filming services and drone hire, we are your one stop shop production company offering aerial and ground based filming, photography and production services.

If you are not using video to promote your company the only questions why not?


ARMEDEA are unique as we offer a full range of modern promotional tools to fully support you in your endeavors.  With over thirty years’ experience in multimedia production, we can quickly and efficiently produce videos using areal footage captured using state of the art drone technology.  Our range or services enable us to embed this content on a bespoke webpage or website for instant viewing from anywhere in the world.

Weather you’re trying to sell a home, estate or farm or promote your hotel, our full range of services can be tailored to quickly and easily produce that eye popping content and video.

Helping you open up new markets and expand your existing customer base.   Utilizing the very latest in modern marking tools and creating stunning content we can not only produce world class marketing materials and promotional materials at a very competitive cost, but integrate them into a breathtaking format that will distinguish your brand in a crowded market place.  Helping you open up new markets and expand your existing customer base.

We use the very latest in modern equipment and keep up to date on the latest trends and software to help you stand out from the crowd.